Since the physical phenomenon of magnetic self-induction as an essential concomitant of any membrane excitation has not been recognized in the electrophysiology, all electrophysiological membrane excitation theories are incomplete to this day. If you try to complete those standard theories with this forgotten "tool", one finds again and again that it is not that easy just to fill a "space" in these old theories. No, the old theories have already mutated their foundations to "gap-filling" replacement theories in order to overcome the deficits of understanding.

We are thus obliged, to tear down considerable parts of the established theories-building, and then rebuild it with completely different approaches, that arise naturally from the new "tool". This task cannot be done by a single person because he is forced to enter such new scientific territory that everyone who is more used in criticism than in learning new aspects will draw such an attempt into the category of dilettantism.

Moreover, since the positivism with its motto "evidence based" kept all theoretical interpretations of highly complex and experimentally inaccessible electrophysiological manifestations under general suspicion for many decades, this epistemological aberration (Popper) causes much bigger efforts, to establish a new theory of membrane excitation that is completely founded on physical laws. So what to do? If one is convinced, to grasp the tip of a scientific truth - at all epistemological limitation of this term - and has been influenced by Platonic philosophy in youth, one cannot let it go! Luckily the author is completely independent from any regard of academic sensibilities, career thinking and the fear of malice in showing his “tip” to a broader public. So he will wait until those spirits are awakened, who will proceed in that necessary “evidence-based" work, which is still missing at the moment. But until the time comes, the author has no other choice than to build a pure theoretical building first in which many aspects are probably like reality as it is – but other aspects quite different and therefore wrong. So far the author hopes, that many test results which have been misunderstood until today will find a coherent explanation; but as already said, "evidence-based" may have not a priority initially, when old standard models have become invalid and the new ones are not yet available. In this sense, the author has made efforts, to prove the laws of physics restrictively; but sometimes he also allowed his creative imagination to take over.



Wolfgang Herzberg 31.10.2014