Electrophysiology 2.0


As a supplement to our papers, we offer lectures that take place on a weekend. They start at 9 a.m. on Saturday and end at 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Lecture No.1 deals with the basics of electrophysiology 2.0 and should be perceived by everyone as an introduction to this completely new subject.

The following lectures are then subject-specific so that everyone can choose their area of interest. As you can see from the papers, the “Heart” project is represented most broadly and is therefore divided into topics over several weekends in the lectures.

Wolfgang Herzberg will give the lectures personally. They take place in the FH-WEDEL "University of Applied Sciences". The FH-Wedel is located on the western outskirts of HAMBURG and north of the Elbe river. The city of Wedel (about 35,000 inhabitants) is located in a local recreation area that is widely used by Hamburg residents. Hamburg and Wedel are connected by a suburban train (S-Bahn) and this line (S1) has the stations “Aiport Hamburg” and “Wedel” (65min) at its ends.

Participation costs € 220, catering during the events is included.

If you are interested, please fill out the PDF file ("Lectures Registration Form") and send it to the e-mail herzbergmedical @ de.

Anyone who has understood why there has to be an “Electrophysiology 2.0” also bears some responsibility for passing on their findings. This is also the “momentum movens” that led to the establishment of the lectures.

Information about FH Wedel can be found here: www.fh-wedel.de

Please download the "Lectures Registration Form" here: Lectures Registration Form